Man attempts world record for living underwater

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SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN – A Tennessee man wants to see for himself what it’s like to live under the sea.

Diver Jerry Hall is currently under water in South Holston Lake working to break the world record for longest fresh water scuba dive.

He plans to stay under water for six days and an underwater camera is capturing his every move.

Hall entered the water Saturday; since then he hasn’t come up and he says so far so good.

Besides swimming with the fishes, hall is talking with friends, watching movies and even sleeping.

Hall has a team of 20 volunteer divers helping him break the record, making sure he has a steady supply of water and Gatorade.

Hall hopes to stay in the water until Friday at noon. He hopes to not only break the world record, but add several hours onto it making it harder for someone else to top.

You can keep track of Jerry’s progress on his website.



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