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GALLATIN, TN – It’s football season, and you know what that means; tailgating and tackling. One notable off-the-field tackle in Tennessee happened at the Sumner County Jail.

It all went down when a man ran inside the jail with a shotgun and held visitors hostage.

“He was saying a lot of very threatening things, threatening to kill people,” says Anthony Hyde.

However, he didn’t let those threats stop him from taking action. Hyde says, “I just jumped forward and grabbed the gun with both hands and pushed it and pushed him.”

Apparently, Hyde beat James McCutchen so badly he broke a finger in the process, and nearly lost his voice from getting all fired up.

Hyde was with his wife at the jail filing paperwork while McCutchen was being taken in after being arrested.

Somehow McCutchen took control of the cop’s car,crashed it into the jail’s security gate, then grabbed a shotgun from the car and ran inside the visitors area before getting tackled by Hyde.

This football season, if the Tennessee Titans are looking for a lineman, perhaps they ought to give Hyde a shot.