Man caught having sex with cow while covered in Jell-O

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HERMIKER, NY – Here’s a story about cowboys; but it’s not about the kind that go riding off into the sunset. No, these cowpokes are accused of riding livestock in a whole different way!

31-year-old Reid Fontaine and 33-year-old Michael Jones were arrested and charged with sex crimes allegedly committed on cows. Talk about a mooo-lestation.

According to cops, the cattle prodding supposedly happened on a farm in upstate New York. A farmer became suspicious after his dairy cows stopped producing milk and setup hidden cameras to find out why. He got to the bottom of things alright, when the dairy owner reviewed the video which showed the two men literally caught in the act!

The footage allegedly shows Fontaine, a computer tech in a Connecticut school, having his way with a couple of confused cows. He was also, get this, covered in Jell-O for some unknown reason. His buddy Jones was seen making home-movies of the barn yard romp, possibly for some pornographic website dedicated to beef-lovers. Sick!

Police were tipped off by the farmer and apprehended the two men seen on the video, but sadly not before one of the raped cows, confused by the ordeal, wandered off into traffic and got hit by three cars. Now two men are in big trouble, one cow is dead, three cars are badly damaged and folks who actually enjoy Jell-O are traumatized.

These guys should have just beat their own meat, and left the cows alone!

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