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HOUSTON, TX – A 57-year-old Houston man is catching the heat for a 31-year-old cold case. Friday morning, Edmond Beauregard Degan was charged in court with capital murder for fatally shooting Yleen and Lillie Kennedy.

The sisters were killed at their Houston Heights home in March of 1984.

A witness in Indiana who broke his silence three decades later is what led to Degan’s arrest.

“The witness was able to give the name of Edmond Degan, it turned out police had talked to him as a background witness back in the 80s and they knew who he was,” said Harris County Assistant District Attorney, Bill Exley.

That’s when police in Houston decided to take another look. The Houston Police Department found Degan still in the Houston area and asked him for a DNA sample in late 2014.

Cops matched it to some evidence found on Yleen.

“It’s a little bit bitter-sweet because, at this point in time, the Kennedy’s father is passed away and he’s not going to be here to know this, but there are certainly are other family members who have an interest and who have checked up with HPD periodically on this case,” Exley added.

The news may be late, but some family members may now rest a little easier.