Man dies in skydiving accident

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planeROSHARON, TX – No matter how much we might want to rule the skies, here’s a reminder that we’re not birds.  Miguel Angel Carrasco, a 36-year-old professional skydiver, died in an accident on Saturday, due to a parachute malfunction. Carrasco was training for a competition.

“He was making a formation skydive,’ says Jason Hyder, General Manager of Skydive Spaceland. ‘He opened his main parachute, and after his main parachute opened he experienced some kind of difficulty. He released his main parachute at a pretty high altitude and was for some unknown reason unable to operate his reserve parachute.”

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident. Although skydiving is considered an extreme sport, the U.S. Parachute Association says that only 19 people died in 2012, out of 3.1 million estimated jumps.

When asked what kind of safety measures are recommended for students, Hyder said, “Carrasco had a very high performance piece of equipment.  A kind of equipment that we don’t use when we train skydivers.  And in his equipment options he elected not to use some backup devices that we use in all of our trainings here in Skydive Spaceland.”

Skydivers will keep on jumping, the same way car drivers will keep using their vehicles regardless of the road accident death toll. Taking risks is clearly part of the human experience, but remember: safety precautions are crucial.


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