Man disguises self as car seat, tries to cross border

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SPAIN – Immigration has become a more difficult enterprise lately.  Border controls are tougher everywhere, not only in the US.  The days when foreign workers were simply welcomed with open arms are long gone.  Today, migrants from poor countries try creative ways of sneaking into the promised land, sometimes risking their lives.

But now there’s a new reason to be amazed: a 20-year-old guy from Guinea was caught trying to illegally enter into Spain disguised as the seat of a car. Smugglers were attempting to enter Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Northern Africa, from Morocco. The car was stopped by guards who felt something was off kilter. The driver and another person who was sitting on top of the fake seat were arrested. The migrant was first kept as a witness and then deported.

Migrants from the sub-Saharan region are constantly looking for entrances to the only European territory in Africa. This is sad.

But, come on! A guy hidden inside the seat of a car. That’s a whole new level.

But the question remains: was he buckled up?



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