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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – You could say it was like looking for a needle in a haystack — a disgusting, smelly haystack.

Before a recent procedure, veterinarian Gary McNeill did the same thing he always did with his wedding ring — he took it off and set it on the operating table.

But this time, it wasn’t there when he finished the operation. Instead, it had been swept into the trash.

“I went out to check the dumpster and they’d dumped the dumpster,” he said.

Which is how he found himself at the city dump.

A lesser man might have given up. Dumpster diving is not exactly part of the traditional wedding vows.

But not Gary. Gary was determined, so he called for backup.

A Waste Management employee found the truck that picked up trash from Gary’s office, and Gary and his very patient wife started digging.

“I tore this sack open and dropped it on the cardboard box and the ring fell out right on the corner of the cardboard boxes,” he described.

It might not have been the most romantic date…

But judging by his wife’s good-natured reaction, it seems like Gary’s found a keeper — in his wedding ring and his spouse.