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CHINA – Eating too much olive oil can make you chubby. Injecting olive oil into your “chubby” can turn it into a cancerous coconut.

It happened in Bangkok… no shocker there. A 50 year old unnamed man was admitted to a thai hospital after he admitted to undergoing olive oil injections in order to make his penis bigger. Nut unlike many thai massages, this story has no happy ending.

Normally sprinkled on salads, this Bangkok’er went through some sort of back-door, unlicensed procedure five years ago, that shot his manhood up with the stuff. For four and a half years, this guy’s “slick willie” worked well. But after allegedly suffering a cut on his crotch a few months back, his apparatus blew-up!

His penis swelled to the size of a coconut. The man was forced to shuffle over to the local hospital were doctors made a shocking discovery, his ginormous junk was infected with cancer.

So bleak was this olive oil shot to the penis outcome, the doctors were forced to chop off his noodle. Now the man, who once dreamt of bigger things, has lost a little piece of himself. If he wanted so desperately to be a greater man, he should have done what most dudes do… buy a truck.