Man gets mauled to death by newly adopted dog

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JACKSON, TN - Talk about a bad dog. Anthony Riggs, a man in Jackson, Tennessee adopted a 5-year old rottweiler from the local rabies control last week.

The dog had been picked up five days earlier, according to the health department.

After adopting the pooch, Riggs went to his son's house to show him off and talk about holiday plans, but they'll never be able to make good on those plans.

That's because when Riggs took the dog home, he went all "Cujo" on him.

When Riggs' wife came home from work with a co-worker, she found her husband dead on the floor.

Killer Cujo bit both her and her co-worker before running out of the house. He was shot by sheriff's deputies who'd been called out.

The health department director who adopted out the dog said "Cujo" will be autopsied for rabies. She said he showed no signs of aggression while they had him, but she had no idea if the dog had been vaccinated for rabies or not.

That's something she might want to check next time, considering she's the head of rabies control!

Tom Mapes of the Madison County Sheriff's Office says, "It's just one of those tragic stories that... we want to encourage people to adopt pets, but then you have a situation like this that occurs and it's just... it's just mind-boggling."

Riggs' wife described him as someone who related to dogs better than people. It's a doggone shame he had to die this way.


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