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BELGRADE, SERBIA – Talk about a holy gravesite! A Serbian widower honored the memory of his late wife by have her vagina engraved on her tombstone. Let that thought sink in during a moment of silence.

Grieving 72-year-old Milan Marinkovic wanted to fulfill his wife Milena’s last request to not be forgotten by having her likeness carved on her grave. But after 50 years of marriage, it wasn’t her face that the dying woman wanted her husband to remember, it was her vagina.

Milena left detailed instructions, and a couple of photos, to ensure the artist would be inspired to capture her likeness in full glory. But poor Milan had a hard time finding a stone cutter to get his rocks off for the strange request. Several sculptors even called the idea “blasphemy!”

In the end, love prevailed. Milan found the right man to pound his wife’s vagina into stone. Now the entrance to her womb, forever carved on her tomb, is there to help Milan remember his late wife.