Man hopes to break record at balancing eggs

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A lot of us have one weird, useless talent, right? Maybe you can make your eyebrows do this, or maybe you have a knack for juggling, but have you ever heard of *egg* balancing?

"Most people if they can balance an egg at all, it's going to take them 5 to 10 minutes," says Brian Spotts, a master at making eggs stand on end.

He is getting a chance to prove it on live television in China later this month. Spotts will attempt to break the current world record for fastest time to balance a dozen eggs.

"This is on the Guiness show so its all done. the adjuster is there he will observe eberything."

Spotts is no stranger to the pressure. Back in 2003,  he broke the record for most eggs balanced at once, an astonishing 1,290 eggs total.

That's a lot of omelettes!

Eleven years and multiple records later, he's trying to take back his title by balancing 12 eggs in less than 75 seconds.

"I kind of actually invented the category of fastest time to balance a dozen eggs for myself."

So, hopefully Spotts can *beat* the competition, and doesn't *crack* under pressure. Alright, we're done with the puns! Here's to another world record, Brian.


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