Man in g-string gets arrested for stealing Batman mask

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NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA – No wonder he wanted to “hide” his identity! Australian police busted a wannabe super-hero for allegedly stealing a batman costume, while wearing nothing but some teeny weenie underwear!

A surveillance camera setup behind a New South Wales thrift store exposes the daring night-time heist; committed under the cover of darkness and not much else. The video shows a man in a skimpy g-string breaking into a second hand store and returning a few moments later with his booty; a Batman mask, a Batman doll, a cape and a “bride to be” sash. Doesn’t this Dark Knight know he’s supposed to wear white on his wedding!

Officials got an eye-full of the thong wearing thief as he pranced around the yard, in his stolen crime-fighters outfit and his own itty bitty undies, for a whopping 40 minutes! All that camera time made it easy to I.D. the bold bandit, and he was arrested a few moments later. Commissioner Gordon has yet to reveal this bat’s secret identity.


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