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HUMBLE, Texas – It’s looks like a guy in Humble had one wife too many.  Victor Miguel Estrada allegedly married several women at the Harris County Court House, without getting a divorce first.

“County clerks said that all they can do is believe that he’s not married”, said Mayra Evelyn Roman Mendez, who tied the knot with Estrada in 2008. “Every time he gets married to somebody else, they’ll believe him.”

Now Estrada is missing, and everybody is looking for him: his wives, the police, private investigators. He’s facing bigamy charges and other felonies.

“I received a text message through Facebook from the other woman stating she’s been looking for him to file for divorce”, Elizett Melissa Estrada said that was how she found out the man she married in 2011 had other wives.

Victor’s first wife wants a divorce and can’t get it; his third wife is still going through a legal process to end their marriage… The second is somewhere out there, and the list goes on.

“Just recently, when I went back to the court office I found out that there’s actually a fourth woman,” added Elizett.

For these women, the experience has been devastating. Let’s not forget that there are kids involved.

“I don’t want no child support, nothing from him,” expressed Mayra. “I just want a divorce.”

“It’s been going on, for me, for two years, where there has not been justice served yet,” lamented Elizett.

From falling in love to falling into a trap. Saying “I Do” has never been so risky.