Man kidnaps own mom, keeps her locked in trunk

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ORANGEBURG, SC – This guy truly has some major mommy issues! A South Carolina man allegedly abducted his own mom and drove her across state lines, trapped inside the trunk of his car. Now, that’s no way to treat your mother!

Police say, 20-year-old Regelio Lopez somehow stuffed his kidnapped mom in the back cargo area of his Cadillac at her home in Richmond Virginia. Then the troubled son took his mommy dearest on a five-hour drive south, to be finally discovered by police in Orangburg, South Carolina. Talk about a family vacation from hell!

Highway patrol officers were looking for the caddy after initial reports of the kidnapping, but never thought they’d find the car almost 400 miles away at a rest stop along 1-95.

Police opened the trunk and found the conscious mother inside. She did not suffer any life threatening injuries and was later taken back to her home in Virginia to contemplate the supposed actions of her little boy. Cops don’t know what led the kid to allegedly kidnap his mom, but are investigating the sorted details. It’s safe to say, Mother’s Day for these two will never be the same again.

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