Man offers $63 million to marry lesbian daughter

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HONG KONG – $63 million dollars are up for grabs for one lucky guy and all you have to do is marry Cecil Chao’s daughter. She’s even cute.

So what’s the issue?

Well, she’s a lesbian and already married to a woman.

Daddy just doesn’t like it, so he’s offering the jackpot to any guy who can become his little girl’s “big daddy.”

Chao, a real estate tycoon in Hong Kong, made the offer after word came out that his 33-year-old daughter, Gigi, married her lesbian partner.

Gay marriage is not recognized in Hong Kong and until 1991 homosexuality was a criminal offense.  To say the least, people just aren’t all that comfortable with a little girl on girl action.

He says the nuptial reports are untrue, and he’s still waiting for some man to woo his precious daughter’s heart.

This man doesn’t have to be a prince or even rich. A poor man will do, as long as he is generous, kind hearted and has the right “plumbing.”

To her surprise, Gigi has already received a long list of friend requests on Facebook.

We’re sure a lot of men would do a lot worse for that kind of dough and if nothing else, they could at least watch.



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