Man poisoned with cyanide after winning lottery

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CHICAGO, IL – Either the lottery curse or someone inconceivably greedy got to 46-year-old Urooj Khan before he ever had the chance to spend his million dollar lottery prize money.

The Chicago business owner went from a 7-digit winner to 6-feet under in less than a month.

By all accounts, Khan, an Indian immigrant and small business owner, was a great guy. Khan told friends he planned to pay off his mortgage, donate to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and grow his dry cleaning businesses with the prize money, nothing too extravagant.

A month later, Khan ate dinner at his house and went to bed when his family heard him screaming. He was taken to the hospital where the newly-made millionaire died.

At first medical examiners found nothing unusual, but after family members insisted on a follow up, the ME’s office found a lethal amount of cyanide in his system. Since it’s pretty safe to assume Khan didn’t poison himself, Chicago police are now investigating this as a murder.

Guess money really is the root of all evil!


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