EXCLUSIVE: Houston man describes alleged Harris County Jail beating, lack of medical treatment

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HARRIS CO. – It has been less than a year after six employees at the Harris County jail were fired, and nearly 30 suspended, following claims of inmate mistreatment. Now, jail officials may have to answer for another round of abuse allegations.

Michael Alaniz is the son of a law enforcement officer in Harris County. He says jailers beat and abused him without cause, and now he is pondering a lawsuit.  Alaniz says he was arrested for trespassing and marijuana possession at the Metropolis nightclub after leaving and then trying to re-enter the business several times to check on his girlfriend inside.

While being booked at the jail, he claims detention officers tried to strip search him in view of female inmates and others. Alaniz says that he threatened to sue the officers and they lashed out, taking him into an isolated room and physically berating him for two hours.

He says his bruises and other evidence of the assault are visible on cellphone pictures taken by his attorney. Alaniz claims that jailers made no attempt to get him medical care even after he asked for it.

By the time Alaniz met with his attorney, he says a judge had dropped the charges. Harris County didn’t return our call for comments nor did the Metropolis nightclub.

Alaniz says he just wants to hold the jailers to the same standard as the general public.


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