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SAUDI ARABIA – We do a lot of stupid stuff as teens, but rarely do those dumb mistakes come back to haunt us ten years later.

That’s what’s happening to a guy in Saudi Arabia. Ten years ago, when he was 14, Ali Al-Khawaher had a fight with his friend. It got heated (it is Saudi Arabia!) and Ali stabbed his pal, paralyzing him.

After spending a decade in jail, the Saudi court has decided on his punishment — he’ll be surgically paralyzed if he can’t come up with half a million bucks. That’s what the victim asked for as compensation.

And it’s not looking good for Ali; even after his victim reduced the blood money he wanted by half, Ali can’t pay it.

It’s kind of hard to raise $270,000 rotting in a jail cell, right?!

Since the sentencing, folks all over the world have condemned it. Britain called it grotesque, Amnesty International called it tortur, and even a princess from the Saudi royal family said it was inhumane.

But Islamic Sharia Law takes an eye-for-an-eye literally. In Ali’s case, it might turn out to be a spine-for-a-spine.