Man tries to shoot off wedding ring

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BRADFORD, PA – The exchanged of sacred vows and a tiny, shiny band of metal are all it takes to seal a couple’s eternal love for each other. This is not one of those happy stories.

Evidently Alfredo Malespini had enough of his marriage and he could only think of one way out, a gun. No, this isn’t a murder-suicide story we’re talking about either.

Police in Bradford, Pennsylvania say Alfredo was allegedly drunk when he decided he wanted his wedding ring to come off. Instead of doing what any logical person would do and pull it off, he shot it off.

While his finger was severely severed, the ring remained intact on his finger.

Alfredo was charged with endangering another person, disorderly conduct and firing a weapon inside city limits. Maybe he should give couple’s therapy a shot.

That’s how he became our Dumbass of the Day!



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