Man uses iPad to peep up woman’s skirt

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SHERMAN OAKS, CA – You can use your iPad for e-mail, to play games or to watch movies. It can even act as your personal camera.

Brittanie Weaver is a fashion model and no stranger to the camera. While some angles can be unflattering in front of the lens, this angle was just downright wrong.

Brittanie was at a pet shop in Sherman Oaks, California. She kept getting approached by a guy who wanted to pet her dog. While she was slightly suspicious, security cameras caught more than just suspicion.

“He kept kneeling down and falling over, and couldn’t seem to balance properly. I realized by the time I got to the counter, he had been filming up my dress with his iPad,” Brittanie said.

When Brittanie noticed what was going on, she didn’t want to start a confrontation, so she wrote a note to the store clerk to tell her what was happening. That might have not been the best move because the creep got away. Police say they might have a hard time tracking the man down.

Brit caught a glance at the man’s badge, so now she’s turning to social media and looking for the guy herself.

There’s an app to find your iPhone when you lose it. Now if there was only an app to track down perverts like this!


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