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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Come on, be honest. How many times has this happened to you? There you are, going through airport security, when the guy frisking you finds you’re packin’ a package.

Don’t laugh. That’s what happened at the San Francisco International Airport to Jonah Falcon, 41, aka, The Man with the World’s Largest Penis.

Falcon, better known for his small parts in movies and TV shows, said he had his prodigious protrusion strapped to his left leg, which apparently threatened a security guard.

Falcon thinks TSA thought his bulge was a biological threat, so they gave him a special handling, complete with a powder job to test for explosives. And in San Francisco, of all places. Who knew?

But he’s a cock-sure traveler who’s used to a hard time and embarrassing situations. That’s the price you pay for sticking out in a crowd.