Man wrestles 200-pound shark to shore

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sharkNANTUCKET, MA – 24-year-old Elliot Sudal was fishing with his cousins when he noticed one of his blue-fish had lost half its body.

So he threw it back in the water hoping to lure its predator back. Less than a minute later the shark was back to finish its meal.

That’s when Sudal jumped into the water to catch a wrestling partner.

He spent 45 minutes wrestling the seven-foot, 200 pound shark to shore.

Once he got his big catch Sudal took a few pictures; so no one would question his shark tale and then sent his opponent back into the ocean unharmed.

This wasn’t the first match for this shark wrestler; he says he’s caught more than a hundred sharks in the past eight months.

He’s just lucky he hasn’t been used as shark bait.

Well one thing is for sure; if a real-life Sharnado ever struck Sudal would be ready.



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