Man wrongfully convicted of murder goes after prosecuting attorney

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HOUSTON, TX – How would you feel if you spent time in jail for a crime you didn’t commit? That’s what happened to Anthony Graves. He spent 18 years behind bars, 12 of which were on death row for a slew of murders he had nothing to do with.

Graves was released in 2010 and awarded $1.4 million by the state of Texas. But money doesn’t help clean up his name. Graves filed a grievance against his prosecuting attorney, former district attorney Charles Sebesta. They believe Sebesta didn’t present information in the case correctly, resulting in graves wrongful conviction.

The State Bar of Texas is now investigating, officially classifying Graves’ grievance as a complaint.

“The importance of this is that now Charles Sebesta can’t hide. He cannot run away from this. He has to come forward and file a response,” said Bob Bennet, Graves’ attorney.

But for Graves, it’s more than just clearing his name. He wants reform to the Texas Criminal Justice System, so that what happened to him doesn’t happen to another innocent person.


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