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ALVIN, Texas – It’s an eye-opening tragedy, after a pickup truck struck and killed a Manvel High School student as he was walking to school Monday morning.

Around 6:50 a.m., state troopers said 18-year-old De’Monte Benn was walking along Highway 6 near Louisiana Street in Brazoria County where, cars race down in either direction, going 60 miles per hour or more.

The driver, Terry Cropper, 57, told investigators he did not see the teen.

“The young man was walking in a moving lane of traffic. It was clear that the driver didn’t see the pedestrian and for that matter, the pedestrian probably didn’t see the driver,” Texas DPS Sergeant, Stephen Woodard said.

Benn was just four miles from the school when he was killed.

“It was like a shock. I didn’t expect it to happen,” Manvel HS junior, Chris Villegas said.

Principal Dr. Bobby Martinez released this statement:

“De’Monte is a beloved member of the MHS community. This is an extremely difficult time for those that knew and cared for him.

We share this information with the parents of our students so that you are able to provide your children with the support and assistance they need during this difficult time.  Please be vigilant to determine what level of support your child may need.

Counselors from Alvin ISD’s Crisis Response Team are at Manvel High School to offer support to students and staff that are struggling with this tragic loss. If students, staff, or parents need to talk, or have questions, our counselors are trained to assist with these difficult situations.

Please keep the family as well as the Manvel High School community in your thoughts and prayers.”

Other students who often drive or walk along Highway 6, said they’ll be more wary from now on.

“You just gotta be careful. You never know what could happen,” Villegas said.

Authorities said the driver is not expected to face charges at this time. However, Sgt. Woodard said he does want to remind pedestrians to follow the rules.

“We advise Texans to always walk to the closest portion of the curb, or the closest portion of the grass on the right-hand side. That way, it’s a safe avenue for you and the motoring public,” Sgt. Woodard said.