Marijuana sales hit a new high in Colorado

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DENVER, CO – Colorado is really feeling their Rocky Mountain high. The legal weed business is booming, with over $36 million in sales in January. That’s over a $1 million a day!

Of that money, $2.3 million will be designated for public schools. The Colorado Department of Revenue says that’s about ten times the amount collected in January 2014.

According to the Marijuana Enforcement Division, total sales for medicinal and recreational marijuana were nearly $700 million. The state raked in about $76 million in taxes.

Close to five million edibles were sold, and nearly 150,000 lbs. of marijuana flower were purchased. Plus, 16,000 people are licensed to work in the marijuana industry, an increase of 143%.

It may surprise you, however, that 70% of Colorado’s jurisdictions don’t allow marijuana sales of any kind.



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