Mass. police officers caught egging sergeants home

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NEWTON, MA – A couple of Massachusetts cops are having trouble seeing the sunny side up in this situation.

Newton, Massachusetts’ finest have egg on their faces after, according to a neighboring town’s police department, a few officers were caught egging the home of their own police sergeant last month. Talk about Eggs Benedict.

The Newton police scrambled after the prank, but they didn’t get far. A police officer from Framingham (where the sergeant lives) pulled over the Newton officers/suspects after responding to a report of two teenage pranksters.

Framingham police say the off-duty officers were caught egg-handed, with an empty carton of eggs in plain sight in the back of their car. Rookie mistake.

The Newton officers fessed up and said it was a prank between friends. That’s when the Framingham cop hoofed it over to the sergeant’s home and let him know who was behind the gag.

No surprise here: Framingham police say the sergeant wants to handle it internally. No charges were filed nor is he releasing the officer’s names.

No doubt the officers will be walking around on eggshells for a while.


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