Mass. school forfeits football season because of racial concerns

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LUNENBURG, MA – The football season for Lunenburg , Mass., high school is over, finished, kaput.

The school board forfeited the rest of the varsity football season.

It’s all because someone is targeting 13-year-old Isaac Phillips for hazing, and his home for racist graffiti sprayed on the foundation last week.

Phillips’s father is black. His mother is white.

Isaac says someone filled his football shoes with water, and he says someone slashed a tire on his bicycle.

Authorities also are looking into a claim team members hurled racial slurs at another team earlier in the year.

The cheerleaders at McAdory High School in Alabama gave fans something *not* to cheer about the other night when they proudly held up a sign that read: “Hey Indians. Get ready to leave in a trail of tears.”

At that led the principal to publish an apology on the school’s Web site.

“I think they vaguely knew what it was,” Principal Tod Humphries said. “But obviously we didn’t do a good enough job of teaching the horrific nature of it. So, we’re going to go back and do that.”

The trail of tears is the name given to the forced march of more than 16,000 Cherokee from Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee to Oklahoma. About 4,000 died along the way.

But it’s a different story in Washington, Ill., hard hit by last week’s tornadoes.

The high school’s undefeated team will enter the playoffs on Saturday, but while they’re thinking about that, they’re pitching in to help their friends and neighbors clean up and try to rebuild their homes and lives.



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