Massive cargo jet mistakenly lands at small Kansas airport

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WICHITA, KS – Well, we guess size matters after all! A giant airplane headed for Kansas made a big mistake, after it incorrectly landed at a much smaller airport, whose runway by the way is much too small for the massive cargo plane to take-off from again. Talk about being down and out.

Boeing’s biggie-sized behemoth, the 747 Dreamlifter en route from New York’s JFK, mistakenly touched down at Wichita’s Jabara Airport instead of its intended destination nine miles away at the way bigger McConnell Air Force Base. Listen now as the confused pilot’s ponder their predicament!

And to make matters worse, the little Jabara Airport doesn’t have its own control tower and it’s runway is about half of what the dreamlifter needs to get off the ground. The Dreamlifters nightmare continues because it can’t even turn itself around on the tiny tarmac, and the tug sent to move it… broke down.

Finally, despite of all its shortcomings, the gigantic plane was able to take off from Jabara Airport. Let’s just hope the pilot’s don’t ja-blow-it again and land at the right airport this time.



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