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HOUSTON (CW39) As National Streaming Day hits our screens on May 20, many Americans will likely be powering up their devices to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, music and … of course NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC till 10am. 6-10am weekday mornings.

In fact, according to a recent survey from, the USAs most generous cashback site, 52% of Americans have downloaded a new streaming service since they‘ve been staying at home this past year.

The survey polled a cross-section of 1,826 adults, aged 18 and over.

Whether you have too many streaming services and subscriptions or want to save on signing up for one, here are three tips from Rebecca Gramuglia, consumer expert at, that can help sort everything out.


  • Review your expenses. Ensure that you aren’t paying for utilities or subscriptions that you don‘t need. Many times, bills and subscriptions are set on autopay which can be a great convenience to avoid missing payments, but it can also cost us more if we forget about them. Every few months go over your payments and cut costs by eliminating any subscriptions or services you don’t need. Pro-tip: if you‘re signing up for a 30-day trial of a service, set a reminder to cancel the subscription prior to the end date (unless you want to keep paying for it).
  • Make sure you’re saving with a sign-up. If you‘re planning to sign up for a new service, see if you can save on your expenses by stacking the discounts. For example, look to see if there are any available sign-up coupons or if you can use a credit card that may offer perks like cashback on certain categories. In addition, always be sure to shop through a cashback site, such as, to score a percentage of your money back on qualifying purchases from services like Amazon Prime, FabFitFun, Disney+ and more.
  • Align your subscriptions with your needs. When it comes to subscriptions, there are lots of options. And before you sign up for another one, do your research and look for the services that will best fit your lifestyle. For example, if you`re always shopping online and need things quickly, but also like to watch movies and shows, then Amazon Prime might be the fit for you.