Mayor Bloomberg admits police drones may be coming to NYC

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NEW YORK, NY – New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s been on a roll lately. First he announced he wanted to ban super-size sodas, then it was ear-buds and cigarettes. Now the mayor has announced he may actually allow something. Look up; the Big Apple may soon be called the big brother.

“What’s the difference whether the drone is up in the air or on the building?” Bloomberg asked when comparing aerial drones to the thousands of security cameras already placed around New York City.

During his weekly radio address on a New York radio station, the mayor made it clear that with advances in technology, the government’s ability to keep an eye on its citizens is changing; meaning spy drones may become as common in the big apple as a rude cab driver.

While the mayor gave no specific dates or details as to when he expects New York police to begin operating those drones, it shouldn’t surprise folks around here to know the Houston police department may not be far off of Bloomberg’s tail. Last year we told you HPD applied for a license to operate drones above and around the bayou city.

So far, nothing`s come from that, so no need to look up and smile, big brother’s not watching. Yet.

Whether its New York or Houston, that may be a good thing, cause you know, big brothers can be a pain in the neck.


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