Mayor Parker, Ben Hall debate

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Some people call it a forum. Others will say it’s a debate, but whatever you call it, Houston’s mayoral candidates got together to talk about local issues and the cities’ future.

Annise Parker’s running for her third and final two year term- the other challengers, Ben Hall, Victoria Lang, Don cook,  and Eric Dick, are each stepping up to bat trying to win over voters with their thoughts on how to improve Houston.

PARKER: “Anytime you have an opportunity to come before Houstonians and talk about real issues, it’s a success; I do it multiple times a week, I’m glad to have every opportunity to talk to Houstonians.”

HALL: “I look forward to a debate with the mayor, but it was a very informative forum in order for the public to be able to ask questions of us.  I’m anticipating that we’ll have many of these, but I’m looking forward to the debates”.

Opinions, heard. Plans, stated.  Now we can look forward to more of these debates or forums.

Whatever you want to call it, the election isn’t until November!



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