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HOUSTON – Talk about flooded demands! With landlords demanding rent for flooded properties and having some residents even kicked to the curb, Mayor Sylvester Turner is calling for some calm after the storm!

“This is not the time when we need to be insensitive to the needs of people within our city,” the mayor announced during a Thursday press conference. “I strongly urge property managers and owners to continue to be as sensitive and flexible as possible with residents given the gravity of the current situation.”

But for any mean landlords out there– better listen up!

“If we determine that any terminations were done improperly, we will take all necessary measures to protect the rights of those tenants,” Turner added.

In other words, landlords….if you mess with Houston renters the wrong way, you might just get a date with the Harris County D.A. ….in court!

“And I certainly will want to work with the Harris County D.A.’s Office to prosecute them if they take the rent, and then force people out. Or, if they take the rent and are not moving forward to make the necessary repairs,” Turner said.

“We are not going to tolerate anyone in this city being victimized,” he warned.

Truly, we’ve all been through one heck of a storm, so there’s no need for landlords to make it any worse!

“Houston is strong. Houston is powerful,” Rev. Ed Gomez, vicar for San Pablo Episcopal Church, declared at the mayor’s press conference.  “And the true character– the measure of our character– will be found by how we treat our most vulnerable.”

But if any landlords don’t want to play nice……renters, the Houston mayor’s got your back!