Meaty cancer concerns

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND- Holy cow! A WHO study has meat lovers in an uproar.

The World Health Organization is reporting processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and sausage, cause cancer. The definition of processed meat is any type of beef, pork or poultry that’s been salted, cured, or smoked to enhance flavor or preserve it. “Nowadays, everything causes cancer” says Betsy Gamez.

The report also found, eating 50 grams of processed meat per day increased colon and colorectal cancer by 18%. That might sound like a lot of food but it's actually less than TWO strips of bacon. If that’s not bad enough, the World Health Organization ranks unprocessed red meat like steak and lamb shanks as “probably carcinogenic.”

The “carnivores” we spoke with had mixed reactions to the report. “It’s not exactly surprising; it seems like everything in our food supply is going to give us some sort of cancer” laments Jennie Suarez. "People are going to eat it anyway" says Brenda Jolly. “I thought about that before, but now I will try to avoid eating that actually” says Rubin Xu.

The meat industry is “calling bull” saying the report is biased and misleading- not braised and meat-eating. If you’re looking for some good news in the report, we can tell you that eating processed meat isn’t as bad for you as smoking. Well, there's a sigh of relief.

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