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HOUSTON– Cannabis lovers, Texas is weeks away from the first legal sale of medical marijuana.

The legal bud will be available for purchase for epilepsy patients looking for an alternative  to help control seizure medication.

“Even with our most modern medications and with procedures and surgeries we’re still left with a sizable portion for patients who have remaining seizures,” said Houston Kelsey Seybold Clinic neurologist Michael Newmark.

In Texas, there’s about 150,000 eligible patients with intractable epilepsy and they’re the only people who can legally purchase the drug.

The state licensed Florida based Knox medical to dispense the drug through a branch of their company, Consortium Texas. This comes two years after the state legalized the drug for epilepsy patients.

“Our main hope is that patients will have good response to this medication,”Epilepsy coordinator Valerie Coffman said.