Best Friends

HOUSTON (CW39) Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to summer which means BBQs, picnics, pool time and more fun in the sun activities. For pet owners, it also means taking precautions so the whole family can have an enjoyable and safe summer. 

Best Friends Animal Society, the leading animal welfare organization working to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters by 2025, wants you and your pet to enjoy the start of summer safely by following the below tips. 

Alcohol and Animals Don’t Mix: A good rule of thumb is to keep alcoholic beverages out of sight and on high surfaces because alcohol—even in small amounts—can be poisonous to pets.  

No Scraps About It: It’s important to remind any houseguests that table scraps and human snacks including some BBQ staples likes avocados, onions, and chicken bones are toxic to pets and can be choking hazards. Instead, keep pet treats on hand so your furry guests can enjoy the festivities without the risk. 

Best Friends

Pool Etiquette: Some pooches love the pool, but it’s important to remember not all dogs are expert swimmers. Never leave them unsupervised near any body of water, including pools, oceans or lakes. Also, don’t let your pet drink pool water–if chemicals such as chlorine are ingested in large amounts it can cause irritation and vomiting.  

Hydration Is Key: Pets can get dehydrated quickly so it’s important to have plenty of fresh, clean water on hand.  It’s a great idea for pet parents to carry a collapsible water dish for rehydrating. And if you’re spending time outdoors, make sure your pets always have access to a shady spot.  

Don’t have a pet? There’s no better time to adopt or foster a new best friend! There are tons of pets who are also fixed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to go home for just one low fee.  

To get started, visit and find a local shelter or rescue where your perfect pet is waiting.