Memphis woman Black Lives Matters sign upsets neighbors

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TENNESSEE—A Memphis family is on edge after getting letters about a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard.

Alisha Wall put the sign in her yard to support the movement and her bi-racial nephew.

"I think racism is still a big deal and when people see him they see a black man, and I don't want him to be the next Trayvon Martin or any of the other people who've been killed,” said Wall.

Wall says a year ago, the sign was stolen from her lawn.

“It's right by the street so it doesn't take anything to pull right over and grab it,” said Wall. She replaced the sign and was ready to move forward until she got an anonymous letter in the mail that said "All Lives Matter" in all caps. Then a few months later she received another one. The stamp sent with the letter was a picture of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. "It's almost making a statement,” Wall said.

A few days ago, the third letter was sent with a return address of MLK-50 “I was like just astonished, like we got another one? It's creepy, it feels like somebody's been watching you,” said Wall.  Various political signs are placed throughout the neighborhood, but the Black Lives Matter signs are the only ones the anonymous person has a problem with.

Wall says she wishes the ones sending the letter would come forward and have a conversation with her about the movement. She uses a curious but thought-provoking analogy--cancer.

"If they could just see it as yes, all cancers matter but we're bringing attention to breast cancer because it's not been as funded, it's not as taken care of, we need to bring it to light to get it more funding, more awareness so people are checking more, that's all it is,” said Wall.

Awareness, and some respectful dialogue.


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