Menu fit for the hip food-truck scene

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HOUSTON, TX – They say you can serve just about anything in a food truck. The more exotic, the better. And for the guys running Houston’s Miso Yummy, the sushi rolls roll with the times.

“This one has shrimp tempura, Cheetos and imitation crab,” says owner Andy Do while making one of their special rolls.

But not just anybody can put Cheetos on a sushi roll and push ’em out the window as fast as these guys do. It takes a special kind of experience.

Chew on This: Andy Do owned his own restaurant for six years, but that was before the economy ‘rolled’ into the tank back in 2009.

“The business kept going down, kept going down,’ Do explains, ‘so I eventually just tried to sell the business, make as much as I could before I had to foreclose the storefront.”

The truck is his way of getting back in the game, along with partner Seoul Trinh.

“This is kind of new for me,’ Do says, ‘so we’re just trying to get our feet wet right now.”

Experimenting with flavors and doing what they love most.

“We just play with it and you know it went well and taste pretty good so we put it on the menu.”

On the menu, and on the road to their economic recovery one roll, we mean, one mile at a time.


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