Merry Christmas Kim Jong Un

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Have you heard? Sony's controversial new film "The Interview" is going to get its Christmas debut after all. After Sony Pictures announced the reason for the cancellation was because theaters refused to show the film, a handful of private movie chains - including Houston's own Alamo Draft House Cinemas - reached out to the movie studio and asked to show the movie.

"Late monday night we received an email and a phone call from Sony saying it was going to be an option," Alamo Draft House's Robert Saucedo said, "so yesterday it was a mad dash to make it happen, to fit in screens where we could and to be able to show the film to our guests."

A tentative agreement between Sony and YouTube means you may be able to see it online, too. And now that the most anticipated movie premier in recent history is back on, the question is what folks think of the big theatre chains that backed out?

"They should stand behind Sony Pictures and go ahead and show it," Houstonian James McKee told us.

John Cramer agrees. "I think it does look ugly, but I think it looks uglier for Sony."

The next question is how North Korea will respond.

"I don't think they pose a physical threat," Cramer says.

Jarvis Smith isn't so sure. "I know it's a comedy, but at the same time - for the simple fact that North Korea has strong ties with China - it's something we don't want to touch, with all the wars we've got going right now."

So for all you patriots out there, happy holidays. And for Kim Jong Un, call it a Christmas present from Texas.



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