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HOUSTON, TX – Officials say it was a meteor, folks from Houston to Dallas saw the bright light streaking crossing the sky early in the morning, and you are now probably thinking: damn Mayans! Hold on, don’t be so pessimistic! We still have a few more days before the end and if something happens we’ll let you know.

“Most of the time this would be associated with a meteor shower coming off of a comet,” said Jason Luze, meteorologist at the Weather Museum. “You’d see a lot of this material coming out. You would see multiple meteors.  It sounds like only one was seen so this was more of a random meteor coming down”.

Those who saw the green flash and its trail followed by the burst posted their pictures.  Luckily we have Facebook and Twitter.  What would we do without our cyber lines of defense against the Armageddon?

Kim Morrison said: “We saw it on our way to work. Huge flash and a trail of flames. It was amazing!”

James Garland Davis commented: “I thought we were being attacked.”

And the weirdest tweet from our weather reporters: “Strange morning flash over Houston may have been debris from Russian satellite Cosmos 2251.” Go figure. We’ll keep you posted.

The intergalactic fireworks only lasted a few seconds. Enough to receive extensive media coverage. So far, no remains were found on the ground, which leads to the conclusion that the meteor disintegrated once it reached the atmosphere.

If you missed it, don’t worry, there’s always next time. Just be happy the meteor missed you.