HOUSTON (KIAH) — This Friday Meteorologist Star Harvey says goodbye to Houston, as she takes on a new adventure as a meteorologist in a different city.

Harvey joined CW39 Houston NO WAIT WEATHER + TRAFFIC in time to debut on set during Texas’ 2021 February Winter Storm, when she covered record weather for the city of Houston and impacted areas throughout Texas.

Meteorologist Star Harvey is leaving Houston – Here’s a look back at her time here at CW39 Houston

In a post on Instagram she thanked the H-Town for welcoming her into their homes but also for trusting her to guide them through the highs and lows of weather in the Lone Star State.

It’s been a blessing to get on LIVE TV and help maneuver ya’ll through the severe weather we get here in southeast Texas but also those blue sky days. It’s been an absolute pleasure to experience the overwhelming love and support from the community while doing what I love most. Y ’all truly made me feel like the Beyoncé of weather!!

Meteorologist Star Harvey
Star Harvey

Harvey brought her son Bryce to the CW39 studio for a farewell greeting Friday morning. He says that he’ll miss the city a lot but also the wide variety of food found only in Houston. The duo plans to share where they’re headed next in a post on social media in the near future. To track Star Harvey and Bryce’s journey click here.