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SALTILLO, MEXICO – This next story may be a little hard to swallow for some people.

Roberto Cabrera, a 52-year-old man from Saltillo, Mexico, has the dubious distinction of possessing the world’s largest penis.

The outfit known as the World Record Academy has verified Cabrera’s statistics as 18.9 inches long with a circumference of 10 inches at the tip.

That’s about 2 inches bigger than a beer can.

Cabrera told a Mexican newspaper that he wants to be considered disabled, because his prodigious protrusion keeps him from finding work, thereby forcing him to live on assistance and scrounge for food.

He also says all the women he’s come across are afraid of what he’s packin, which means his social life has shriveled up to nothing.

To put this into something you can wrap your arms around, think of Cabrera’s massive member like another person between his legs, someone like Chandra Dangi, recognized by Guinness as the shortest man who’s ever lived, around 22 inches tall, or about 3 inches bigger, than Cabrera’s little man.

By the way, Dangi is from Nepal, home to Mount Everest.

And this seems like a good place to end this story before it gets any longer.