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CABOS SAN LUCAS, MEXICO- Ooh, somebody come get this Mexican kindergarten teacher!

“Miss Clarissa”, as her students call her, was getting “muy caliente” on the dance floor in Cabo.

Looks like we’ve got a real life case of a “bad teacher”; Miss Clarissa entered a twerk competition on her vacation, lookin’ for some quick cash.

Bands really do make her dance! The 24-year-old won the contest and grand prize of 260 bucks — but she still ended up a loser.

After the school saw the video of her letting her freak flag fly, she was fired for immoral conducts.

We get it — the video’s a little raunchy– but can Clarissa please get a break?

The girl should be allowed to let lose, she “puts in work” with a bunch of five-year-olds all day!

Sure hope Miss Clarissa didn’t spend all her prize money on her bar tab that night . . . she’s gonna need it.

Of course, she could always consider a career change. Keep on twerkin’ on girl.