Mexican volcano pops New Year’s cork, nearby residents encouraged to leave

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PUEBLA, Mexico – While some folks were popping their corks to bring in the new year, a volcano near Mexico City was popping its own cork, and it’s not something you want to wake up and see, especially with a New Year’s hang over.

It’s the Popocatepetl volcano that let loose with a series of explosions this week, spewing ash, steam, and gas about two miles into the air.

Mexican officials are encouraging people within seven miles of the volcano to pack up and leave.

This is the same volcano that aliens may have visited several times over the years.

But we’re not talking about illegal aliens. These were space aliens.

A video supposedly shows a UFO flying near the crater back in October.

But a close-up shows that it doesn’t look so much like a flying saucer as it does something else.

Like maybe a giant sperm cell?

Maybe what we thought was a volcano is something else entirely.

And the term UFO? Could it really stand for unidentified "fertilization" object?

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