Miami Marlins may lose money after making history at the home run derby

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SAN DIEGO, CA –  The Miami Marlin`s home run derby promotion may have seemed like a long-shot, but it was a long shot that may cause the baseball franchise to lose money!  Sixty-one long shots, to be exact!

Giancarlo Stanton hit 61 homers during the Monday night slug-fest. That’s the most ever in a single derby.

There was nothing fishy about the offer to Marlins fans. The e-mail simply advertised “When Giancarlo homers in the MLB Home Run Derby, you score!’

For every Stanton homer, a percentage point will be taken off the ticket price.

Fans cried “foul” when the team seemed to back pedal on the deal by only giving a 25% discount for certain games the rest of the season, even though “G” hit 61 out of the park Monday in San Diego.

Apparently you needed to read the fine print.

Now you will get 25% off one game of your choice. And just so they don’t strike out with fans, the team will honor 61% off each ticket for each homer, but just the game against the cards on July 29.

Stanton didn`t make the All Star team this year. But the slugger had his reasons for stepping up to the home run derby plate.

“You see this bad boy,” he asks while hoisting the huge trophy above his head.  “That`s why I came here and I`m taking it with me.”

This promotion may backfire on the team financially, but it sure puts the Marlin`s star hitter in a league of his own!



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