Michael Brown’s blood reportedly found inside cop car

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FERGUSON, Missouri – Protests, tear gas, and arrests in Ferguson. All part of the chaotic aftermath in the wake of the fatal shooting of unarmed teen, Michael Brown, in August.

New shocking claims arise, so you may want to buckle your seat belt for a bloody ride.

Reports from the New York Times say Brown’s blood was found on Officer Darren Wilson’s uniform and gun, as well as inside his patrol vehicle.

Details like this appear to be consistent with Officer Wilson’s side of the story, and reduces credibility of supposed witnesses.

Wilson says Brown reached for his gun during a physical altercation while Wilson was still in his patrol car.

Folks in Ferguson aren’t buying that claim and say cops have complete custody over the crime scene.

“This is clearly constructed and contrived to justify the killing of Mike Brown,” says Jerroll Sanders, a Ferguson protester.

Things may have been different if prosecutors went through a preliminary hearing, where everything would be open to the public.

However, since the case is being presented to a grand jury, this means everything is kept on a hush.

Former Ferguson resident, Chris Jaurigui says, “I want them to go over everything and make sure they talk to enough witnesses, and just get the facts straight cause um I just feel confident if they have enough time then you know they will come to a clearer decision.”

Though the investigation is still underway, government officials close to the investigation told the New York Times, the evidence so far, doesn’t indicate Officer Wilson violated any civil rights.

What reports don’t explain is why Officer Wilson exited the vehicle and shot Brown several times.

They say there are two sides to every story; but the side many await to hear probably won’t be speaking anytime soon.



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