Mick Jagger’s love letters expected to sell for $111k

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ENGLAND – Want moves like Jagger?

Putting moves on the ladies, that is. Well, here’s your chance. The Guardian in the United Kingdom says some of Mick Jagger’s love letters are being auctioned off.

The letters belong to Marsha Hunt. You might not know who she is, but you know the song she inspired: Brown Sugar.

More than that, she’s also the mother of Jagger’s first child. Now Marsha’s singing a different tune: Gimme Shelter.

She’s selling the ten love letters because she claims she’s broke, and can’t even pay her electric bill at her home in France.

Marsha says Jagger wrote the letters in the summer of ’69, while he was in Australia.

She says she hopes the letters will fetch at least $111,000.

If Jagger can have sympathy for the devil, maybe he can have some sympathy for Marsha and pay the electric bill.


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