Millennials spend 18 hours a day consuming media

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HOUSTON, TX – Is social media turning millennials into anti-social zombies? Well, not exactly, but there’s a study that’s says millennials, are spending almost 18 hours a day on their phones, tablets, computers or television.

In fact, 71% of millennials say social media is a top priority for them, it’s almost all peer created content too; blogs, videos, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates.

Deanna Abraham, Clinical Director at Legacy Recovery Health Center says, “It’s the world we live in now adays, everything has a website, everything has a social media presence. If you want to buy something, you go to their website, you go to their Facebook page and you get discounts. So it’s kind of telling everyone, this is the way we communicate now.”

The only rival to the mighty social media time suck, good ol’ fashion tv, radio and print. 33% Of millennials consume media this way, and, though it may take up more of their time, the user generated content they find on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has more of an effect on their daily lives, and it’s trusted by this group, more than TV and radio.

Abraham continues saying, “The same way anyone can access the internet, anyone can post on the internet as well. The sources that you’re getting this information from may not always have done their research.”

Parents are just as guilty. Maybe because so many parents of millennials, want to be millennials, but they have just as hard of a time breaking away from their phones and tablets, especially at the dinner table, checking emails and social media posts, while their children stare. It’s the old adage folks, “Everything in Moderation”


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