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PUNTA GORDA, FL – For most people, the thought of of sharing a home with a ghost is not exactly appealing … But one Florida couple is hoping their supernatural roomie will be a selling point for the unique home they say is haunted.

“I hear my wife walk down the stairs, and i call out her name and she says yes from a different part of the house,” homeowner Vander Wynn says. “There’s some weird things like that you really can’t explain.”

The beautiful Victorian mansion has a tragic past, involving a 14-year-old girl named Mary Leah, who, according to Wynn, was killed when kerosene spilled on her and she caught fire.

Luckily for prospective buyers, despite her painful demise, it sounds like the teen ghost is more like Casper , than that freaky girl from the ring.

“She’s really not scary she just makes noise,” Natalie Wynn explains. “Sometimes I’ve told her, ‘You need to be quiet.'”

If you’re not spooked by the supernatural, this gorgeous home and its resident ghost could be yours for a cool $1.59 million — that is, if the current owners don’t manage to convince their ghostly companion to make the move to their new home.

“We’re just gonna leave the door open and the car open, and if she wants to come she can,” Vander Wynn jokes.