Miracle landing at JFK Airport after gear failure

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NEW YORK, NY – ‘Alright now everybody, get in crash positions!’

Those are the last words anybody wants to hear on their flight, but that’s exactly what passengers aboard TAM Airlines flight 8078 were told to do.

The jumbo jet nicknamed ‘The Magic Red Carpet’, was en route from Rio de Janeiro to JFK Airport when the nose gear malfunctioned and got twisted into a funky 90-degree angle.

Passengers prepared for the worst, but the gear miraculously locked into the correct position just 50-feet above the runway.

One Port Authority rescuer said, ‘it was like the hand of god turned the wheel.’

Maybe so!

After all, the plane was coming from Rio, home of that giant statue of Christ!

While many are calling it ‘Miracle on runway 31-L’, we have to be honest, this is no ‘Miracle on the Hudson’.

But we’re glad everyone survived ‘The Magic Carpet Ride’.



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