Miss World pageant bans bikini competition


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bikiniJAKARTA, INDONESIA  – If you’re one of those who likes watching beauty pageants for the skin show, things are going to be a bit different this year. The folks in charge of the Miss World pageant have decided the show will go on, sans the bikini contest.

This year’s pageant will be held in Jarakta, Indonesia, a primarily Muslim country. And despite the fact that much of the show will be filmed in Bali, where tourists regularly don bikinis and other revealing outdoor wear, in respect to the more orthodox Muslims of the region, pageant producers have decided to scrap the bikini portion of the contest.

“I think that’s upsetting and disturbing, I mean, we need the bikini contest,” says Houstonian Aqui Merritte.

While contestants won’t be expected to appear in full hijab, they will instead wear sarongs, covering most of their lower bodies. The question now becomes whether folks will still tune in knowing everyone’s favorite part of the show has been left on the cutting-room floor.

“Yeah, I think most people will still watch because you’ve got women from all over the country competing for the title,’ Chris Cash explains. ‘ I don’t think the swimsuit issue should be a big issue for whether someone wins or loses.”

Anyone who’s seen special K’s most recent commercial knows that the good news when it comes to sarongs is that any windy walk on the beach is liable to make them fly away.


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